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Teddie Joe Snodgrass, Inc.
Hawaii's Rolls-Royce Copywriter, Network Marketer and Consultant

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Hawaii's Rolls-Royce Copywriter & Premier Network Consultant
Member: American Medical Writers Association

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Joe's Copy of Title 38 Pay Codes
If your like me - you consistently have payroll issues; this has been an on-going issue for me since January 2006 and I've personally been robbed of thousands of dollars in pay throughout the years. This is, in my opinion, the US Army's, at Tripler Army Medical Center, total domination of all programs and authority. They refuse to relinquish control of programs such as civilian payroll as well as others to qualified civilian individuals that would create an ambience environment of continuity, but instead causing havoc every pay period for individual employees because unqualified military individuals are given complete authority over such matters.  Word to the wise: track your Leave & Earning Statement (Pay) very carefully. Learn these codes, and ensure you're getting the proper benefits that you're entitled to. However, if you do find a problem with your pay, you'll still have considerable problems getting it credited back to your pay. Why? Same reason as previously described - they simply don't know what they are doing with civilian payroll because of the constant turnover of personnel that has never been properly trained to administer to such programs.

For questions or references regarding your Title 38 or Title 5 pay, you may want to contact the following:

  1. Lou Patanag: (808) 655-4335
  2. DCPS: 1-800-538-9043

Hawaiian Joe, Inc. & Associates Prepaid Legal Representation
No Union means no representation. The current National Security Personnel System discriminates enormously toward Federal Employees. If they want to fire or suspend you - they will. You may be wise to seriously consider on-going legal representation. The EEOC is the government agency responsible for enforcing the principal federal statutes prohibiting employment discrimination - but in reality it's a nightmare and there a 99% probability that you will loose. Protect yourself and your families future now.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
The EEOC is the government agency responsible for enforcing the principal federal statutes prohibiting employment discrimination.

U.S. Department of Labor
This department is the federal government agency charged with enforcing wage and hour laws, safety and health standards, and more.

National Labor Relations Board
The agency of the federal government responsible for conducting union elections and deciding on unfair labor practice charges involving businesses and organizations engaged in the private sector of our economy.

Federal Labor Relations Authority
The independent government agency responsible for conducting union elections and deciding on unfair labor practice charges involving agencies and departments of the federal government.

Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
The independent government agency responsible for mediating employment disputes, including labor negotiations and individual employment disputes involving private employers and the federal government.

Merit Systems Protection Board
The government agency responsible for administrating the Civil Service Reform Act and federal workplace issues.

National Employment Lawyers Association
A great starting point for employment law issues and helpful links.

AFGE Council 222
National Council of HUD Locals Council 222, which represents almost all HUD bargaining Unit employees

National Federation of Federal Employees
A branch of the IAM-AW that covers employees in many federal agencies

NFFE Local 1450
A branch of the IAM-AW that covers HUD employees in the Western US

AFGE Local 1770
The AFGE Local for civilian employees at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, including Womack Army Medical Center.

AFGE Local 1534
AFGE Local 1534 (Local 1534) represents Civil Servant Bargaining Unit employees at the U.S. Department of State (DOS), The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

NFFE Local 1998
The exclusive representative for all Bargaining Unit employees at Passport Services, which is part of the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs.

NFFE Local 2152
NFFE Lodge 2152 represents over 750 Bureau of Land Management employees located in 17 different offices located throughout California.

The MindKnit Research Center
The MindKnit Research Center was founded as a 501c3 non-profit pending organization dedicated to furthering scientific advances and education in veteran's traumatic brain injury, autism and all other disabilities. Mayer Max is the Director of the Moses Max MindKnit Research Center.

These advances will foster greater inclusion and quality of life in: healthcare, workplace, family, community, and safeguarding in disaster preparedness for persons with disabilities. Activities will include hosting and participation in national and international conferences, and development of national and international information networks and collaborations, with potential funding for organizations in these fields.

This is a useful and free website contains comprehensive information concerning statutes, regulations, cases, news, articles, and information concerning employment law, the legal profession, self-help, and web directories.

This is a very useful and free website that is available to lawyers and potential clients alike. This site contains comprehensive information concerning statutes, regulations, cases, news, and information concerning labor and employment. The site also has a great deal of information about, the legal profession, and directories of lawyers for referral.

This free website contains useful information and links to its own employment law center. The site also has a great deal of information about the legal profession along with a directory to lawyers who specialize in labor and employment law.

This website contains useful information, newsletter subscriptions, and links in the areas of labor and employment law as well as alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration.

National Whistleblower Center
This useful and free website contains legal and other information concerning acts of reprisal affecting the job status of employees who blow the whistle against their superiors or employer. This organization also makes referrals and provides assistance to individuals who believe that their legal rights have been violated because of their whistle-blowing activities.

Agency for Dispute Resolution and Synergistic Relations

Employment Attorney -- Chicago, Illinois, Lawyer for Employees
Ronald Schwartz is an employment lawyer who concentrates his practice in workplace law, including all areas of discrimination law. Discrimination law includes: race discrimination, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, handicap discrimination, national origin discrimination and retaliation.

State, Federal, & OSHA Labor Law Posters

Maduff, Medina, and Maduff
A Chicago Employment and Civil Rights Firm handling all aspects of employment and civil rights law from discrimination and sexual harassment to Overtime and Family Medical Leave claims, to non-compete agreements, severance agreements and other employment contracts.

The Attig Law Firm
The Attig Law Firm is a Texas based firm that represents Federal Employees in any appeal to the MSPB, claims of discrimination before the EEOC, worker's compensation matters before the OWCP and retirement matters with OPM. The Firm maintains an active MSPB Blog on its website

Harris and Kaufman
Harris & Kaufman California employment attorneys represent employees in labor disputes pertaining to the California Labor Laws. Serving greater Los Angeles, Ventura County & Orange County, Ca.

Submit your complaint or case for free lawyer evaluation!
Search through thousands of pending personal injury and class action suits, read settlement details, and more!


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